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Nice 2017 update , love the game

I download this a while ago when I found it. Very nostalgic since this was the first interactive fiction game I played as a child. Back then i plaid it on my friend's fathers teletype terminal which he would to connect a mainframe from home via an acoustic modem. I was surprised to see the game updated this week (4/15/2017). I like this update better . Nice use of scroll back. Text size and command window placement perfect.

I love this original game...cannot play this one:(

As stated above there is no way to tap play and begin the game. Something is wrong and I wish I could fix this bug.


Same problem as 1/21 review. Play button is disabled and app won't run.

can't play it... doesn't seem possible to start it

I can open the game, I can tap on the options at the bottom, but nothing happens when I press the "play" button in the middle of the bottom part of the screen. There seems to be no information whatsover to explain how to get the game to begin. Oh well.

Didn't work

Got the initial screen but couldn't get it to start.

Great Game, Plz Fix

This is great game for your imgaination and ingenuity and problem solving. That said, its not for the fainthearted but their is plenty of help, thanks to the interent (when you really get stuck), something we vetrans didn't have. Note, this 1,000 point version has a few different tweaks, so even if you knew the old 320 pt version, you won't be able to blitz through the game that easily. On the other hand, the game's natural setbacks or fustrations (like the maze, the villains ) are now easier to deal with. Now, the previously reported the water bottle bug is a major concern. Please don't be cruel and leave us with some of the dead ends like the 1st version 320 pt game left us. I have a 35yr score to settle and your continued donation of support will be loved.

Not what I remember growing up

Definitely been "modernized" in its descriptions. I prefer the original.

Classic text adventure reborn

This is a very good copy of humungus cave. However it is not the original adventure, it is as stated humungus cave. That is the name for the 1000 point version. However only four stars due to the "put water in pitcher" glitch.

Good but needs fixes

This is the newer version of the classic rpg text game with the safe in the building. It is a great game, and this rendition works fairly well, though I have found two glitches so far... 1) the supposedly correct combination (the date found on the tall tree in the forest) doesn't work to open the safe, unless you do it first thing after looking at the tree, and 2) there is no way to manipulate water, so no way to put water in the pitcher to save the rose, for example. The classic command for this is PUT WATER IN PITCHER, but this command doesn't work where it is supposed to work. Also, game stops working if you try to WaTEE PLANT. Hard to finish the cave this way!

Author pushed new adv without notice

Very poor update has left the app useless. Doesn't seem you can play the original adventure anymore. The text field has always been very poor, which is kinda a big deal for a text adventure game. Recommend you move on and try another app.

Close, but no cigar

I was looking forward to reliving my youth and playing advent once again. I was especially looking forward to playing the fabled 1000 point version, since I've already played the standard 350 point version, the enhanced 550 point version, and even a rare CDC NOS (Brass Hatch) version from the early 1980's. The good news is that this is a nice implementation for iOS. The bad news is that it's very buggy. Not crashing buggy, which I could live with, but game logic buggy. Some parts of the game just don't work! It seems that the original parts of the game work correctly (so far), but some of the extended game is broken. The rose puzzle doesn't work, for example. And lights are inconsistent (candles don't work in places, but the lamp does). I've also run into a bug where the inventory shows you a full bottle of water, but the game treats it as empty when you try to use it. But if you try to refill it, the game treats it as full! Argh! Also, some of the commands don't work, like NOTIFY, SAVE GAME, RESTORE GAME, INSTRUCTIONS, and HELP. The commands BRIEF and VERBOSE work, but don't stick like they're supposed to. I would have reported this to the developer directly, but they don't seem to have an obvious support page on their website. Bugs come up on a 32gb iPad 3 running iOS 5.1.1

Oh no! Bring back the original!

I installed this so I could play the original woods and Crowther ADVENT and then you went and updated it. Please return to the original one.


Yes. Great. That is all.


I was excited when I downloaded this app but it is really buggy. Frequently crashes and it hangs when you water the plant. Would be nice if the 350 point version was an option.


When I first purchased this game I was VERY pleased, as it was the original game I knew and loved and was thrilled to have it. Unfortunately it has been "upgraded" to a different version and I am now very unhappy. I've lost the game I wanted. I wish I had known, I wouldn't have taken the "upgrade". I wish they had released this "new" and different version as a seperate app, so we could keep the original if we wanted. I want the OLD GAME BACK! If you're looking for the original classic - check out the iColossal App

I thought I had escaped the curse of Crowther long ago!!

I thought I had escaped the curse of Crowther long ago! Now I find to my horror that it has followed me to the iPad. To those who remember the old Adventure game, this will be either a wonderful or horrifying blast from the past. Nicely executed within the context of the Malmberg variant, it will consume those who love this type of puzzle game. There is apparent bug with the plant, and some possible memory instability which I resolved with a reinstall. I am truly glad that this experience has been brought to the iPad and happy that the tradition is being passed on! My thanks to Shawn P. Stanley for making this available!

nice to have a free Adventure, but a little bit awkward

It's nice blast from the past to have Adventure on the iPhone/iPad, and with an external keyboard it's not too painful. It is inconvenient that I have to keep tapping the text entry box for each new command. There's some polish - the text descriptions slide in and there's a graphics background, but maybe in the spirit of the original, less would be more.

Original Version Gone - Sad

This was much better when it was just the original Colossal Cave game. It would have been nice to have kept the original 350 point game as on option.


I have experienced bugs that cause repeated listings of room contents and force me to scroll to the end of the buffer after each command. It would be nice to have landscape mode and keep the buffer above the keyboard (so it isn't covered while typing). I appreciate the developer's effort to port this classic game, but the bugs are keeping me from enjoying it.

Good version of a timeless classic

The Original Adventure (or advent) is a classic from old-school computing. The very first example of the genre of Interactive Fiction, reproduced in all its glory on your iPhone! Automatic game saving is included. Even the background picture (two hiking boots) shows attention to detail. It's not green text on a black screen, but in all other ways, the game is as you remember it from long, long, ago, back when Federal Gravitation Laws required you to walk uphill both ways to school. Download it already! It's free, and (let's be honest here) it's not really a computer if Adventure doesn't run on it.

Great classic, but locks up my iPhone

I spent many hours in the 70's playing this. I was looking forward to heading back to the cave, but it locks up my iPhone.

Good but needs visuals

It's a pretty fun game, but I wish there were visuals. It gets pretty broig without actually seeing where you are going.


This game truly is a great game. This was the first text adventure game that I had ever played, and it was great. I played the game for about a half hour or so, and when I unlocked the grate in the river and dropped down, I walked down the tunnel until the game said that a giant snake was blocking the path. When I typed "n" for north, to run back the way I came, my iPod froze. For four ducking hours. I had to sit there and wait for it to die before I could plug it back into the charger and boot it up again. Did anyone else have this problem? I would love to play this game again, but I'm afraid it might freeze again. Still a fun game though. I've downloaded this and other text adc

Fix glitches

I think that this game is a great idea. I like the text only interface. However, there are far too many glitches. If I enter a room, it will tell me that there is silver in the room twenty times. When I go to pick up the silver (which I already did last time I was in the room), it says that I see no such thing. Other than that, it is a great game. Please fix the glitches!!

A nice throwback, but gets old quickly

Fun at first, but you will soon find yourself begging for a visual


Good thinking game

Great game

This game is lots if fun. If you get stuck though, they have parts of the solution online. Don't let the flashlight batteries die.

Not fun

I thought it was going to be a fun adventure but all u do is answer question

I love it!

On a whim, I searched the App Store for my favorite text adventure from my mainframe support days in the 80's. I was thrilled to se it here, and this is it in all of it's mind immersing glory.


Why can't u go into the building any more u say enter building and it says "what?" and it doesn't understand downstream either u should bring back the old commands,


Great. You have to give commands to eat and stuff. You use your BRAIN to figure out what to do, but not like a logic puzzle, like you're actually having the advent. Great fun, Get it!

Old School Fun

I never played this specific game when I was a child but I was introduced to text-based games when I was 5 years old. I had an Atari and a Nintendo but just couldn't seem to drag myself away from a text-based game that actually made me think instead of just sitting at the tv mashing buttons. It's absolutely GREAT that someone brought a classic to the iPhone. I had always wanted a chance to play Colossal Cave and now I FINALLY got a chance to. I am now 26 and still enjoy the old-school command-prompt games. PS: If you're not using your immagination (yes, a game that actually makes you think) AND you're not writing things down, you will get lost and frustrated VERY easily. Takes a lot of patience and a lot of mistakes to get anywhere in these types of games. :)

Just the way I remember it!

Just downloaded this app. I used to play the original Adventure game for HOURS. Did finally beat the game - big thing about this is it makes you think - it's not graphic. You need to draw a map as you go and track your movements. There are secrets and uses for each of the items. The snake is the first trick. Get the bird - but to get the bird you need to first find the cage. But you can't get the bird in the cage until you drop something. Use reasoning, imagination, and draw a map as you go. You should be able to have hours of fun too. For older - not Gen X mostly us boomers that were into computers in the early days - before GUIs and mice - back when the command line ruled - this was the type of games that wasted hundreds of hours in university labs, company computer centers and other such places. I played this game and others (trek, hammurabi, etc) on PR1ME mini-computers on text terminals. Ahh nostalgia. This implementation of Adventure (or the Colossal Cave) is very well done. My compliments to those that created it. Thanks!!

Not to great

I'll stick to Frotz



Awesome game!!!!!

Does anyone know how to get past the snake?

Good Idea

This was a good idea for a game, but needs more user friendly commands. If you don't like text games, I would not suggest this one. It's a great time waster, but after about 30 minutes you get stuck trying to kill these very annoying dwarfs and a stupid snake. Overall this game kinda stinks, but if your bored, then download it.

Idk why this game is so fun

But it is... I've hated text based games my whole life. But when ur bored and u dnt have worldof world craft. This is the next best substitute. It has dwarfs and dragons and lots of puzzles. Ives died 3 times in the past 4 hours. The one thing I'd change is the word recognition. For ex. The game doesn't understand the phrase "use key" that's the annoying part(s).



Historical game

This is the game that launched a hundred subgenres. It later was commercially rewritten as zork, with probably half a dozen rewrites in between. Is it playable? You'll need patience and cleverness. And you'll need imagination, like reading a book instead of watching tv.

I no like read n thinkie

This almos as bad as movie by beavis n buthead "idiocracy" or Wall-e. All i want is to wack snakes with sticks+1 preferably powerlevel healer help me. :( oh just typing hurts why'd seacular power teach Ug to read n right but not spelunking ironie or satyr


Review 101 >:D It's fun


Nice idea, lame game.

There is a little thing called graphics

Okay, I guess. Very confusing without any graphics. There are better games to play this day and age. Way better games in the app store, by far.

advent review

I love this game! i mean i am the sort of person who likes text based games like this, but geez, its fun. i would defenitly call it one of my favourite games

Good game

Not really my forte but still pretty fun.

Great game with one minor issue

I definitely am not old enough to remember the text adventures, but that doesnt mean that they can not be fun for me. When I first got this game I didnt expect much from it, but I turned it on and gave it a try. Once I finally found a way to actually get inside of the cave, I was taken to a world that could be anything I wanted it to. I like the updates from this game from the older versions such as being able to type in "downstream" and it takes you downstream. The only problem that I found with this game, and the only reason it is not five stars, is the fact that a bug crashes your game and your whole ipod. You cannot get very far into the game before you have to start over again. If advent can fix this bug so there will be no crashes I would definitely give it five stars! Vote yes if you agree to fix the bug!!

Best RPG out there

This game is meant to make you think so for the people saying confusing, it's meant to be


It's good but confusing.


The games ok but the discription is vaug (ex-in a forest) which direction do the paths go!!!!! Atleas have a map of the aria.

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